Requests for Biological Specimens for Non-genetic Research

The FHS Laboratory Review Committee evaluates proposals requesting biological specimens for non-genetic research (requests for biological specimens for genetic studies are reviewed by the DNA Committee). Specimens are available from the Original Cohort, Offspring Cohort, NOS (New Offspring Spouses), Gen 3 Cohort and the two Omni Cohorts.

The Omni cohorts consist of men and women reporting African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, Pacific Islander and Native American origins. Omni Cohort 2 included many individuals related to the participants of Omni Cohort 1 and also individuals unrelated to Omni Cohort 1 members. These samples were collected following the same laboratory protocols used for the concurrent Offspring and Third Generation examinations. Exam components also follow the same protocols, starting with the first exams of each Omni Cohort. The FHS strongly urges that proposals include the use of Omni specimens in any study whenever the necessary covariates are available. Exclusion of the Omni Cohort requires a specific scientific rationale.

Applications will be judged on their scientific merit and the availability of samples. Please direct questions regarding biological specimen availability to Dr. Sander Robins, Laboratory Director, at 508-935-3452. Applications are reviewed by the FHS Executive Committee after approval by the Laboratory Review Committee.

Lab Review Committee Considerations Distribution of biological specimens requires:

Fee Structure for Data and Materials