Submitting a Research Proposal to FHS

The FHS Research Application is available to investigators with an approved account. An investigator may request an account through the Research Application link. Upon approval, a password will be emailed to the applicant. The investigator will then be able to create an application through the Research Application link and submit it for review. Proposals are dispatched as follows to one or more research review committees based on the nature of the application.

Proposals Involving: Will be reviewed by:
Application to a Sponsor for new funding Executive Committee
New Participant Contact Executive Committee
Third Party Involvement Executive Committee
Genetic Research Requesting
New DNA Specimens with data DNA Committee
Use of Extant DNA Specimens* with data
*DNA already in possession by the PI
DNA Committee
Genetic data (not from dbGaP) DNA Committee
Biological specimens with data (other than DNA) DNA and Executive Committee
Research (not gene-based) Requesting
Previously collected clinical data Research Committee
Pedigree structure Research Committee
Biological specimens with data Lab and Executive Committee
Exam chart review Research Committee
Scan image data Research Committee

Routing of applications requesting biospecimens for RNA extraction

Flow of FHS Reviews of RNA Applications
Initial Routing of Applications by Heather Arruda with Advice from EC Chairs as Needed
Consideration of Scientific Merit Review by DNA Committee Review by DNA Committee
Consideration of Specimen Conservation Review by Lab Committee Review by DNA Committee
DNA and Lab Review Committee Decisions will be routinely reported to the Executive Committee, and reviewed under Committee Reports. Full EC reviews may be needed.

Application submissions should be made according to the following schedule:

For Review by: Application Should be Received by:
Executive Committee Six weeks before grant deadlines and by the 3rd Monday of the month
Laboratory Committee March 1, June 1, September 1, December 1
DNA Committee January 15, April 15, July 15, October 15
Research Committee Any time (rolling review)

Applications received past the requested receipt date may be subject to later review.

Review Committees meet as follows: General Review Committee Considerations