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Reimbursement costs for providing FHS data or materials to ancillary studies

The success of the Framingham Heart Study (FHS) is due in large part to the contributions of the many ancillary studies over the decades. Providing data, materials or other research and administration services to ancillary studies involves a number of costs which can vary widely and may individually be quite modest, but none of these costs are covered by the FHS contract. The cost to FHS to service ancillary studies needs to be reimbursed by the PIs of ancillary studies.

Ancillary studies supported by grants or subcontracts should work with FHS grant managers to fund the costs to FHS associated with the study. Alternatively, FHS will invoice investigators based on Framingham Study Service Center posted fees. Requests for datasets for approved manuscripts, pilot work or for grant submissions will be charged a base cost of $1,000.00. Additional costs may be charged depending on the complexity of the request and the amount of data requested. Exceptions may be requested. These will be considered on a case by case basis. Quality control performed on returned ancillary study data, as well as archiving, tracking and sending back to the PI is included in the cost of the original data or material distribution fee.

The time to complete a service request depends upon the size and complexity of the project as well as the clarity and accuracy of the information provided by the requestor to FHS. Average processing times are 4-6 weeks. Requests can be delayed if FHS receives incomplete information. Requests for additional work after a project has been completed may result in additional costs. The FHS makes every effort to accommodate ancillary requests, however, please note that work on FHS deliverables takes priority over ancillary requests.

Please contact Nick DiPersio at dipersio@bu.edu with any questions.

Service Type Fee*
Simple Data Request $3,000
Moderate Data Request $5,000
Advanced Data Request $10,000
DNA/aliquot $3.00
Biospecimen/aliquot $3.00
Data request cost categories:

*BU investigators should contact Heather Arruda at harruda@bu.edu for more information.