Friends of the FHS

A Message From the Friends of the
Framingham Heart Study

The Friends of the Framingham Heart Study is a community-based organization that provides supplemental financial support for research activities at the Framingham Heart Study (FHS) and advocacy for the participants. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with tax-exempt status and is supported solely by donations.

Members are FHS participants, who oversee and direct funds to areas of need, such as occasional travel grants to FHS investigators attending scientific conferences, audio-visual equipment for long-distance conferencing with collaborators, annual scholarships to high school graduates going to college, and the ECG cards sent to participants after exam visits.  All members donate their time. There are no administrative or operating costs.

Current members include:

  • John Galvani, President
  • Peter Allen, Treasurer
  • James Gordon, Clerk
  • Jaidev Dasgupta
  • Janice Kiley
  • Emily Manders
  • Nancy Spinale
  • Donna Tannar
  • Ellen Walker
To make a donation to the Friends of the Framingham Heart Study,
please contact FHS Administrator Rebecca Bennett at 508-935-3486 or for more information.


John Galvani, President, and the Board Members of the Friends of FHS, announced two scholarships for 2024 based on an essay contest: First place $1,500 and Second place $750.

To apply, only two items are needed: an email with the applicant’s name, address, telephone number, and college and career plans (roughly a two-sentence description), and a 1,000-word essay titled What it means to be a participant in medical research in the Framingham Heart Study.

Email the essay as an attachment to Rebecca Bennett (