Research Application (FHS ResApp)

Research Application (FHS ResApp)

The web-based Framingham Heart Study Research Application is a single form for investigators to submit a research proposal for review by one or more appropriate FHS Review Committees.

Are you new to the FHS ResApp?

Here is how you setup an account: FHS Research Application User Guide

Are you a returning user/PI?

Here are some reminders:

    • The FHS Research Application must be used for all research proposals, data, and/or materials requests from FHS.
    • Once you your application, it will be routed to the appropriate review committee(s) based on requirements of the proposal as indicated in Part 3 of the application.
    • FHS policies and procedures for research proposals are described under Submitting a Research Proposal and Policies and Procedures.
    • Search FHS Research Applications (ResApp) for specific Application Titles or Background Synopsis

Regarding seeking sponsorship for FHS studies…

    • Projects that are seeking sponsorship must be approved by the FHS Executive Committee before the study PI submits to a sponsor for funding.
    • In order to recover costs to the Framingham contract associated with servicing ancillary studies, FHS will be assessing fees for data and material distributions as described in the FHS Service Center.

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