Medical History Update

Medical History Update

At the Framingham Heart Study (FHS) we have studied the causes of coronary disease, vascular disease, and stroke for over 70 years. The annual Medical History Update (MHU) survey is one way we do this, allowing us to update the health information we have on file for you. If you are a participant whose last exam or MHU was over a year ago, we’d love to hear how you’re doing. Please let us know by completing your MHU survey.  (Click for a sample of the current MHU)

Completing a Medical History Update survey is key in tracking the health of Framingham Heart Study participants. In medical research, understanding how and when a disease develops can bring us closer to determining risk factors. Your participation has helped us determine the relationship between high cholesterol and increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Regular exams and MHUs help us gather accurate data about our participants, which will aid in our future medical discoveries. We want to hear from you even if you’re healthy and have no medical issues.

Framingham Heart Study needs your support.
Please help us meet our goal by completing your annual Medical History Update today!


You can complete your MHU update in one of four ways:

Phone: MHUs can be completed over the phone with an FHS staff member. To do this, please contact Durga Neupane at 1-508-935-3437 or 1-800-854-7582. It will take approximately 10 to 20 minutes to complete the survey.


Mail: MHUs can be completed on paper. When you receive it in the mail, please fill it out and mail it back in the enclosed envelope.


Email: Participants for whom we have an active email address and are due for their annual survey can receive the MHU electronically.


Onsite: If you would like to visit the Framingham Heart Study to complete the MHU, please stop by and ask for Maureen Valentino or Laura Kurriss or Katelyn Kerr.

For questions or assistance regarding your MHU or to receive by mail, email, or complete it over the phone, please contact either Laura Kurriss at 508-935-3426, Katelyn Kerr at 508-872-6652 or 800-854-7582 or by email Laura at or Katelyn at

Once your MHU is completed, you might receive a consent form in the mail from us:

  • Based on what you have reported to us in MHU, we might need to obtain some further details for research, such as exact dates and diagnoses, from the physicians and hospitals where you received care.
  • We will do so with your permission. So please sign the consent form and return it to FHS. The medical information collected will be used for research purposes only.

How would you like to complete your next Medical History Update?
We can call you, mail or email it to you, or you can stop by the Heart Study. Whatever is easiest for you, we’re happy to accommodate! We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for making the Framingham Heart Study the important Research Center it is today.